Star dust

When i was young
Like a star i wanted to be discovered
You shouldve found me then
im too old now and
the magic has dissipated
However, sometimes
I still dream of fire



Savor the Magic

It was just another day
And I was goin through the motions
Till I laid eyes on her
And someone mustve played the Ocaraina
Cuz all time seemed to stop
And then something clicked internally
I was like Kix and she was like Mikey
And I think she really liked me
And when I speak
She actually understands me
And for the rest of the night
Life sparkled like magic

Magical Apartment

Once upon a time there existed a boy and the boy lived in a small town located inside a box. The boy didn’t quite care for the people, culture or the various other contents of the box. Because of this the boy had many fleeting bouts of fantasy and his imagination grew to be quite formidable. The boy soon grew into a man and it was time for him to move from one corner of the box to another. The man was anxious for something new so when he moved to the new corner he made many friends and had lots of fun but something was missing. It wasn’t until much later that he realized the people and culture of this corner were no better than the previous. The man had traded a culture of ignorance and vanity for one of apathy and arrogance. So the man moved again to a new corner in the box. This corner at first glance thought was the best but as time passed he realized it was more of the same.

Except the man ended up meeting some wonderful friends and with these friends they discovered a rip in the box. They were somewhat afraid of what may lurk on the other side but they had all experienced life in the box and they could not waste even one more second there. So hope outweighed their fears and they journeyed through the rip. In that moment in time dreams were made reality, moments of magic were abound at every turn and the word impossible did not exist. The friends realized in that magical winter of 2011 that they were unstoppable, another world was possible. As with all seasons, this magical winter did not last forever. Eventually the friends would have to return to the box but the memories and the magic of the journey would be always and forever in their hearts.

Welcome Home

Waking up in a land where time is no longer relative. The clouds shield my flesh from the searing sun. The wind comforts me with it’s gentle breeze. My eyes look out into the horizon and I see fields of freedom.

I didn’t realize it’s magic until I was long gone. In the pictures I captured I saw signs of this truth. In my memories I can recall when a candle in the sky flared and waned amongst the stars.

Did it even exist?

Back in Babylon I ponder. But when I sneeze I can see the tiny specks of soil decorating the tissue and I know it was true. When I grow sad because I am no longer amongst the people I remember the soil that still clings to my lungs, because of this we will never be departed. Until the next time when I can once again run with Wind, talk to my brother Bear and chill in the net hanging from the sky, I wait patiently…

Conan Movie Trailer Review

Upon hearing there was a new Conan movie in production months ago, I immediately replied with a groan. Even as a youngster I was never a fan of Conan. The whole oiled, muscular guy running around in loincloth just never did it for me; which is weird because I love pro wrestling. Anywho, today I happened to come across the movie trailer so I said to myself “why not?”

I must confess, the trailer looked promising. The new Conan is much cooler looking than Arnold was and I assume his dark locks and overall look is more closely related to the novels. The only thing that irked me was the Caucasian woman who screams out “CONIN!” Immediately the “annoying” alarm went off in my brain because she mispronounced his name. She said it like his name was a surname. Like that episode in Seinfeld where Jerry and George are trying to figure out how Superman’s name would sound if it was his last name. She pronounced it “CO-NIN” with a short “i” sound when she should of yelled “CO-NAN” with an emphasis on the long “a.”

Kinda reminds me of the Scorpion King. Which is not an insult of any kind.

The second thing that bothered me was that her appearance didn’t fit the overall theme of the movie. From the 30 seconds of footage that I saw, everyone was tanned and grungy looking but this woman and her dainty, pale, skin and bright, red hair completely stood out from the rest of the populace. Now I’m not trying to be a reverse racist or anything but I really hope she’s a slave imported from a foreign land or something. It would make me feel a lot better.

All in all, I’d give Conan the movie trailer a positive review. Seems to be an epic tale of sword and sorcery and while I’m not going to spend 11 bucks to watch it in the theaters, I’d gladly watch a bootleg in the comfort of my own home.