The love i feel

Within my mind

More real than physical

Spirit manifested

Into material

The purrfect secret

Even if i tell you

You’ll never see it


Calling Faye 2

To Faye the first woman i ever loved. Before severance our bond was psychic.

.I know some grudges I should put to rest but for christianity i have eternal vitriol
That good bitch Jesus raped my mom while the preacher man held her
Down by the riverside serenaded by the choir
I tried to warn her but my vices is all she saw
The wisdom of my words unheard
The plight of a young god trapped inside the body of a child
Could only stand by and watch as Jesus raped my mom
Of her sanity, my father his integrity, the kid sis and i tryna get the fuck out
And i got out of mental slavery, all started the day i ran away
Came back one day to free them but in their eyes i was still a child
Communicating with them became futile
So i wondered the world again, waiting to even the score
That good bitch Jesus enslaved my people, a vitriol that won’t fade
Till we ignite the pew
Burning the memory of that good bitch Jesus and
The miseducation sunday school spews
To poor, black, families
Desperate for salvation

How to Offened Others Without Reprisal


  Pre-Warn them they are about to get offended

The act of telling someone what is going to happen to them will automatically trigger that persons’ defensive mechanism. Humans naturally want to believe that they control every aspect of their destiny so to even suggest that you know something that they don’t will make them want to challenge whatever information you have, in this case them becoming offended by your future comments.

I’ve found that on average most people will protest claiming that they’ve had horrible experiences in the past and then give you examples of times in their youth when something incredibly offensive happened to them yet they weren’t offended.

Now they have given you the keys to be as brutally honest with that person without fear of reprisal. Make sure to maintain constant eye contact and watch for subtle body language like a twitch in the eye, grab of the arm, folding of arms, eye scratching, etc. This is a good way to tell if you’re actually striking a nerve.

They might pretend they aren’t offended but this doesn’t mean they aren’t lying to you. Chances are they are offended but they can’t show it because of their previous statements about how they never get offended.


This guy has successfully been offended. The offender has even managed to add insult to injury by roping him in for a hug. CLASSIC


Be warned if you use this tactic recklessly and around the same individuals they will harbor a deep resentment towards you. One day their levies will break and you’ll have to deal with the full fury of their concentrated anger.

How to counter this tactic

If anyone ever tries to use this move on you and you want to avoid it, when they say the magic words “you’re probably going to get offended…” simply reply “yes, you’re probably right.” and cease communication or change the subject.  You already know what they’re trying to do and unless you feel like playing the game you can jump in but if not just shoot em down early and save yourself the trouble.




Why do you associate yourself with them?

My words are probably wasted here on the deaf and blind. Those who cannot see their sisters unless she submits to the laws of beauty and fashion. Those who can only hear his brother’s words if they are accompanied by the jingling sound of gold in his pocket. When I first began this journey, like all other things, I couldn’t see the negatives of the people. I didn’t see homelessness, or mental abnormalities. I only saw people who had the courage to scream “no” and I wanted to be a part of them.