As i Think of Her

Sometimes i wonder
If she still thinks of me too
Prolly not
So what else is new?


Star dust

When i was young
Like a star i wanted to be discovered
You shouldve found me then
im too old now and
the magic has dissipated
However, sometimes
I still dream of fire


Gangsta of the Day: Eadweard Muybridge

For those not in the know, Eadweard Muybridge was an English inventor and photographer who in the 1800s made famous the technique of “series pictures,” which were a series of photographs that when viewed through a zoopraxiscope could be projected on a screen and viewed as a film. Eadweard Muybridge’s advancement of the film and video industry was remarkably but that’s not why he wins “Gangsta of the Day.”

Legend says that one fateful day, Muybridge recieved a letter from his wife admitting that she was having an affair. Muybridge went to the man’s house of which his wife was cheating on him with and introduces himself as the husband of the woman whom he was committing adultery with. Muybridge shows the man the letter his wife wrote as proof and says to the guy “This is my response to this letter.” Muybridge then takes a pistol out of his back pocket and shoots the man in the face in broad daylight.

You’d think that after committing first degree murder one might flee to a distant land or at least hideout for a while but no, Muybridge did no such thing. In fact, he does the direct opposite by walking around the town exclaiming “yeah, I killed that guy.” When Muybridge is later arrested and tried in court, he is aqquited from all charges on the claims of “justifiable murder.”

See back in those times there was a common honor among gentleman. Sleeping with a guy’s wife might result in you getting your brains blown out and no one is going to blame the man that killed you because in those days, it was the honorable thing to do. It was a simpler time, one with good old fashioned family values.