Humming Bird Hyena

Its last words to me

“Choose the girl”

But over what?

I can only guess

Dead men tell no tales

I was spending much time with

My computer then

Maybe (s)he meant

Choose organic over synthetic

In terms of the company I kept

Was this advice born from

Jealousy or sincerity?

Resembling features from both


Planet G: Letter 8

Flame Diaries

     The guards looked at each other and smirked when they saw the seriousness of my eyes. The energy welled up inside of me again and the ground began to tremble. The interrogators looked around in bewilderment and tightened the grip around their guns. A pillar of earth shot up from underneath me, elevating me above my captors. But I used too much power , crashed into the ceiling, then plummeted to the floor.

The interrogators now in a mad frenzy all aimed their guns at me as I lay in a crumpled heap on the floor. That’s when the door burst open and in barged a man wearing military boots and camouflage. Upon his shoulder was Suchi. I had never been happier to see a monkey than at that instant. The man shouted at the interrogators to lower their arms which they did, reluctantly. The man then helped me from my feet and released me from bondage.

“Sorry for all of this,” he exclaimed. “I am Thiago Mirabel, the leader of this resistance.” Thiago revealed to me that the man I thought I knew as Shou was actually an undercover agent sent by the state to retrieve intelligence on the farmer’s market. When Shou learned of my seeds he called in reinforcements and together they conned me into selling them the seeds. Now some of the few remaining seeds left on the planet not tainted by the FDA’s needle were in the hands of the enemy. If they didn’t retrieve them soon then the planet’s last hope of returning to an organic nature would be lost forever. “You have a great power that can help us restore the balance, will you help us,”  Thiago asked. All eyes were now on me.

“I can’t,” I replied. Thiago you have all these men at your disposal, my daughter only has me. My only mission is to save her from her illness.”

“It’s more than that now,” exclaimed Thiago. “Shou or as we know him, Qin Dazhaeo is a skilled manipulator. Did you tell him anything about your personal life? About where you grew up, where you live currently, the make up of your family?”

I remained silent.

“If you did your family is already in danger. Once the state knows of their location they will hold them for ransom and demand more seeds.”

“There are no more seeds”, I exclaimed.

“Do you think the state will believe that? They’ll torture you, bleed you dry of all the information you know then throw you in a prison to rot if you’re lucky.”

There was an icy chill in the air and I was unable to reply to Thiago’s words because I knew them to be true. Suchi gently pulled my finger with his hand and with a heavy sigh I extended my hand and gripped Thiago’s.

Beware the flame of betrayal,