On Male Self Defense vs Abusive Women

As dudes we are classically trained to be protectors and bread winners. To be the iron rock that foundains the family unit and to protect that unit at any cost; with our lives if neccessary. In this sense men are born to be expendable.Soldiers for the family unit. Above all else we are taught never to strike a woman But what happens when women are abusive towards men?

How do men defend themselves from an oppponent equipped with the law, society, and crazy ass brothers (thats me ya’ll! 😉 ) at their compassionate disposal? When physicality lands you behind bars. When verbality is labeled abuse. When non-confrontation is belittled as passive aggressiveness…It seems maybe all men have left is the witten word as protest. But would their protest be taken seriously?

Especially in a culture such as America’s that targets and bullies men deemed as weak for not submitting to sexist traditions such as treating women as sexual conquests, striking women who entrench their personal space in an aggressive manner, wishing to CNTRL a woman’s life through whatever means, or by being molesteed or abused by women who are seen as the weaker sex?

How do these men realistically defend themselves while retaining their masculinity? Even more tragic, what do you do if you find yourself in this dilema and your skin color is black? Meaning soceity already has a pre-existing fear against you making your case double negative in comparison to the average American male. Who, in the eyes of America, is the traditional American male?

Who/where do men turn to when their pleas are drowned by the ridicule of peers? One pal suggested the law. Has it come to this? An era where male and female wage war with each other in effect finiancing the pockets of the racisit judicial system? Even I, the humble King of Assholes searches for another way.


Fuck you rapist

Fuck you rapist

Because of you and what you’ve done

Someone will never be the same

You stare them down with carnivorous eyes

locked-on like a missile

Never letting go


Never missing an opportunity

To lust after a body

A body that isn’t yours

Which means

Doesn’t belong to you


Without consent you should’ve never

Touched, fondled, groped,

or whatever adjective you use on the daily

to lie to yourself

and everyone else

about the truth of what you’ve done

You are a sickness and this knife…

I wish it was the cure

But it’s only a band-aid

Cuz this problem is deeper than you and I

And our eventual confrontation

If only 2% of reported rapes are false

Well, I’m sure you can do the math

It means we as a people

And as a community

We have some issues to discuss

Cuz unfortunately

As easy as I could slide this silver

Into your brown

And make you bleed red

This single action will never be as effective

As a massive overhaul of the education

Of our youth

Of these innocent children

And young boys confused

Equating their maturity, their status as a man

With how many vaginas they can pollute like a garbage can

Dispel the veil of patriarchy

That gives a curtain for the rapist to cower and hide

So that when the time comes

Our kids will know what it means to rape

And the gravity of hate that befalls

On all parties involved

A healthy mind

Unlike that of a coward

Does not have to resort

To spiked drinks and deception

For a moment of pleasure

Wrapped inside of a lie

Golden Dulled to Gray

The earth was golden
Woman created man
Man make machine
Woman nurtured man
Man maintenance machine
Man became independent
Machine becomes self aware
Man betrayed woman; patriarchy
Machine betrays man; machiarchy
Man enslaved woman
Machine enslaves man
The earth is grey
When will we learn from our past mistakes so our successors won’t repeat them in the future?