Mushroom Pizza

These mushrooms i purchased
Out of greed
Are making a bitch out of me
All i have to do is chop em
In little pieces and
Place em on a pizza

But i just CANT
Mushrooms are too much for me
Texture just don’t feel right
And the taste!
But maybe…

If i dig down deep
Summon the will power
i can do it
“Nah man”
Another voice inside me counsels
“Don’t punish yourself”
“Just say no”

“No need to be a hero”
But the other me
(s)He still wants to try
(s)He never submits easily
My kind of guy
Do or die
And so i continue to ponder

Becoming the hero i need to be
Slicing, dicing, toasting the mushrooms
Dinner is served at last
Hey whaddya know
Not so bad


A Slice of Fantasy

There is a pizza shop I’ve been going to

The lady that works there is naturally cute, a breeze to talk to and she smiles at me

So immediatly my brain takes flight into fantasy land

And I had this dream

That I came there every day

Got to know everyone by name and they knew me

And they were always glad I came

She and I became closer with each visit

And our relationship spilled out of the pizza shop

And into the outside world

And even though I was poor and she was working a low income job

We were in paradise with each other.