Costco Combo Pizza

Got a hunger in my mind causing
A rumble in my tummy
There’s a certain flavor i want to taste
Costco combo pizza
When i recall the taste
i remember Your face
Soft brown lady
With a single bun
Swallowed by black dress
Wearing the frequency i like
(its all about energy with me)
Wish you would’ve talked more and
Had not been around your asshole friend
Her negativity spoiled the vibe
Next time have the courage to
Talk to me direct
With no posse by you side
A lone gunman always respects another


Mushroom Pizza

These mushrooms i purchased
Out of greed
Are making a bitch out of me
All i have to do is chop em
In little pieces and
Place em on a pizza

But i just CANT
Mushrooms are too much for me
Texture just don’t feel right
And the taste!
But maybe…

If i dig down deep
Summon the will power
i can do it
“Nah man”
Another voice inside me counsels
“Don’t punish yourself”
“Just say no”

“No need to be a hero”
But the other me
(s)He still wants to try
(s)He never submits easily
My kind of guy
Do or die
And so i continue to ponder

Becoming the hero i need to be
Slicing, dicing, toasting the mushrooms
Dinner is served at last
Hey whaddya know
Not so bad

A Slice of Fantasy

There is a pizza shop I’ve been going to

The lady that works there is naturally cute, a breeze to talk to and she smiles at me

So immediatly my brain takes flight into fantasy land

And I had this dream

That I came there every day

Got to know everyone by name and they knew me

And they were always glad I came

She and I became closer with each visit

And our relationship spilled out of the pizza shop

And into the outside world

And even though I was poor and she was working a low income job

We were in paradise with each other.