To Paint A Wedding Red

Last time i checked
This was AMERICA
Last time i checked
America defeated the crown
We weren’t down with kings
Queens, or the monarchy
So why the fuck
Is every news station around town
Broadcasting this traitorous
Royal Wedding
Boomhower get the Deere
And call Owen and Vaughn
We got a ceremony to crash
Hungry wolves riding north
To paint a wedding red


The War on Fat Bitches

Its always a random fat bitch
That gives me the most problems in life
Why is that?
They probably want my attention
They probably want the D
Why else then would they bother me
i know it ain’t cuz they wanna jog with me
i know it ain’t cuz they wanna write poetry
These fat bitches
They all the same
Lame, lame, lame

You god?

i’m god and you can be god too
Don’t even have to pay 10%
But some people are afraid
Of the imaginary God up there and
Down below so
They forsake themselves
Castrating their own PWR
Losing all sense of direction
Becoming lost in the wild
Churches of America
Spawning demons
Playing the role of Christian

An East Point Tale Too

Her attire
So tight so simple
Tank top and leggings
Hugged her like a second skin
Thick thighs, wide hips and
Two tits trapped within
Outfit was all black
As if her body was dipped in ink
Blonde hairs on her head
Pulled back into a tail
Sweat, initiated by the sun, trickled down her face
Moisturizing her entire body
Giving it a honey’d glaze
Pulling weeds planting seeds
She was a dirty girl doing the lords work
i was a nature boy sinning under sky fire
Mesmerized by the beauty of her nature, Boy!
i rolled home triumphant that day
Having witnessed a miracle on 2961 East Point Street