Puff grass Plant roots

Clinton sux

(More o the same)

Donald sux


Bernie’s gone


J. Stein never had a chance

(Not enuff green)

Fuck it

Imma hop in my time machine

Enjoy these last Bama moments

(To the max)

Cuz the next 4 years…

Just full of blah



Debate of Elephant and Dokey and Star Eagle who Governed from Above

In the time before man rose to dominance.
Earth was ruled by the beasts.
Steadfast stallions galloped the plains.
Dastardly dolphins skipped the seas and
Skies were full of murder.
It was a season of purity.
A time of myth and legend.
It was the age of Tooth and Claw.


On Digital IDs

Holla if ya hear me

It is no question we live in a futuristic society steadily advancing towards a Jetson insired space age. But with the advancements of technological wonder with every aspect of life becoming digitized, why won’t buissness retailers, polling stations, or any other agency requiring a consumer to provide legal identification, allow the consumer to use “Digital ID” as opposed to a physical copy of the very same identification?

I find it strange that in this Orwelian “Brave New World” (Huxley) we are entering, everything digital is accepted. From resumes, social media profiles to even the almighty dollar. Everything, except a citizens’ proof of identification when it comes to legal matters such as driving an automobile, purchasing legal drugs, or voting for the next puppet of these great United States of America.

The later example reminds me of a darker time in our nations history. When certain folk were not allowed to vote based on casste politics and when finally given the right to (after bloody struggle) were further disenfranchised by having to guess a certain number of jelly beans in a jar to recieve representation. In this new era of “progress,” where hue no longer has shade, I know my educated felons and poor people unable to afford the taxes and unable to reach the legal hoops placed upon identification recipitation can hear me while the upholders/supporters of a prejudiced system of disenfranchisment won’t.

But you dont hear me tho

Ethereal Rain

If I die tonite from police violence
Dont rally
Lest its underground

If I get locked away cuz i chose to live free
Don’t march
Lest you’re equipped w/ items to do shit

Don’t immortalize my name
to further your political fame
(jackin my life to make sob stories)
If i fall tonite from an officer’s gun

Don’t even speak about it
Unless you got the heart for revenge
It takes love to commit the ultimate sin
Take a life to avenge a life
But i’ll already be dead so….

Let my memory dissipate from your brain
Like a rising ether
So i can become rain
Obscuring their vision with my downfall

But if you’re still so inclined
To do sumthin special
Poison a king dining at the highest table
Nobody has to know

Farmer Cat’s Fable

A farmer cat once looked at me
Could tell i had sumthin to ask
Before i could–she interrupted
And taught like she commanded a class

“For all students looking
to win the hearts of masses
Control of death
could be the 1st seed
Burn the idols of the false gods
who acquired power through blood n trickery
Implode the celestials with fire”

I looked at her
Cuz, she was fuckin crazy
But she wouldn’t shut up
Or so i thought
Took me a moment to realize
It was now i doin the talk

“So that’s when the Sun’s cuzzin Ray
shined upon the earth
And felt the little red giants
like bambinos burning in her image”

And same farmer cat once told me
(She heard it from a chick)

“From the ashes can sprout green
or anything in-between
Just depends on the party
controlin the humans
sowin the seeds”

The Snowden Situation

so russia was like “yo snowden, you dnt gotta go home but u gotta get the fuck up outta here” so snowden was waiting for his ride, which was really late, like “all the other kids left the daycare 2hrs ago but I’m still here” late.

I mean he culdve gotten a ride a lot sooner but the states run the block like deebo and people aint tryna get their gold chains/bicycles snatched.

But venezuela was like “fuck it, I ain’t scared, u can come chill @ my crib….cuz u know, they jst kidnapped my cuzzo a few days ago. ”

And I teleported into the convo all late and was like “but isn’t ur cuzzo the prezzo of bolivia?..”

And Venezuela was like, “yeah”

And I was like “you knw they strapped and be ballin outta cntrl rite”

And venezuela was like “yeah, but its about the principality of it all”

Regarding Obama’s Trayvon Martin (7/19/13) Speech

A lot of people are probably impressed by Obama’s most recent speech. I think he’s chipping away at the power structures when he should be pounding. Any self respecting conscious person would.

Especially when he knows how much power his voice commands. It’s like Blastoise using bubble dance to extinguish a Charizard’s flamethrower when he could’ve used hydro cannon and saved us all the suspense.

You cant use a bubble dance speech against the flamethrower situation of discrimination we have here in Amerika and expect any real change.