Customer Service

Today at work
A customer says to me
“You look like you don’t wanna be here”
Gee bitch what gave it away?
My tired feet?
Aching back?
Or the minimum wage i’m paid to perform the labors of ten men
(Cuz sexist employer practices rarely hire women to stock)
All this i say to her mentally
As i bend over…
To lift another box
Ignoring her and her comment entirely


Food & Service

Taking my seat at the diner >The waitress approaches and I feel immediate discomfort >Not by any fault of her own >No-her employers are to blame >She makes shitty wages too low to live comfortably >Her only saving grace, gratitude from strangers in the form of tips

And also, the act of her answering my every whim angers me >When she asks what I want to eat, I want to ask if she is hungry >When she serves me food I want to invite her to sit beside me and partake >When she cleans up my mess, I want to grab the sponge and take responsibility >But these acts of empathy are forbidden by her employers >If she accepts she risks losing her job >A clever trap designed to keep our two castes from fully interacting >So to combat this I begin to interact.