Alive and Haunting

If im ALREADY haunting people while alive
Is there a good chance i’ll return from death
As a ghost?



The love i feel

Within my mind

More real than physical

Spirit manifested

Into material

The purrfect secret

Even if i tell you

You’ll never see it

Autonomous Bird Soars

All my life I’ve been trapped in a cage

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be

I was meant to run free in the plains

So that one day I could soar from the mountains

How can I fly if I can’t get a running start

It’s the men I don’t see who are to blame

And I’ve come to the conclusion

I’ll take back what they stole by force

If I die in the process so be it

I’ll have attained what I always wanted

Complete unyielding freedom

Unbound by  the laws of man and his gods


A Declaration of 3 Spirits

I’m a dreamer. I want to live in a world where people are judged on the things that they can control like the content of their character and their deeds and not by the things that are beyond their control like the orientation of their sexuality or their gender/ lack thereof.

At the same time I am a realist, I know that we’ll never attain peace on earth or even peace within ourselves but that doesnt mean I’m going to roll over and let evil men rule. At the very least I can be a thorn in their side. To say “my dreams may be unrealistic but I won’t let you posion the world with malevolence.”

And underneath the realist is an optimist. While I know these things may not be possible in the present I have hope for humanity that they will be possible in the future. We have achieved great feats these last 100 years along with great atrocities. But I love to root for the underdog so I continue to hope. I hope that the actions of the conscious will awaken the minds of the apathetic, breathe life into the lungs of the defeated, and change the hearts of the wicked.

Until my optimism is made real and no longer a privy of my dreams I fight.