Hey Guh, Can i Publish On Yo PC?

Unable to find an individual with a computer
Our protagonist journies to the local libaries
However his technology was too advanced
For Auburn Avenues operating machines
Once again He would need a flash drive

Flash drive purchased
Our protagonist once again returns to Auburn Avenue
To publish his 5th gospel
This time however he was plagued with
Faulty internet
Running out of time and unable to even
Move beyond the search page
Protagonist appeals to the front desk clerk
Apparently the wifi had been slow since Sunday
“Due to the construction,” he says
Unable to advance online and
Unable to acquire more time
Protagonist was forced to resort
To other means
Perhaps…an unlikely alliance
Between strangers


Bunny, the Time Hopper

Can’t talk to the girls
In my area about this
They wouldn’t understand
Went time hoppin last night
Traveled the bridge
Met up with Shante
Right after got my Boogie Down
Mary had a good time too
Props to man who made machine
Where would i be w/o my radio


The past is reaching out to me
Wanted me to tell You
That he said “hi”
But its a present day now
I’m a future Me
The past still lives
The future disallows him to speak
Mature to the mistakes
He has yet to make

The future remembers the past
In certain realities
Granting him permission to speak
Never the full feint
Not even the margins
Just the negative spaces
Hiding between the lines
(Whatever that means)

He hopes that You are doing well
More than hopes he knows it to be true
Potential of your PWR
Stronger  than kale
In a world of infinite possibilities
Could have anything you want
If you put your intent to it

But the past is dead and gone
Existing only as memory
To a future still in development


It wasnt the waiting that irked him
More so the not knowing
Not knowing what fate the future held
For better or for worse?
It was as if
Some celestial was sitting on a cloud
Toying his destiny between uncaring fingers
In any case, the best strategy was to wait it out
Not that he had much of an alternative