The past is reaching out to me
Wanted me to tell You
That he said “hi”
But its a present day now
I’m a future Me
The past still lives
The future disallows him to speak
Mature to the mistakes
He has yet to make

The future remembers the past
In certain realities
Granting him permission to speak
Never the full feint
Not even the margins
Just the negative spaces
Hiding between the lines
(Whatever that means)

He hopes that You are doing well
More than hopes he knows it to be true
Potential of your PWR
Stronger  than kale
In a world of infinite possibilities
Could have anything you want
If you put your intent to it

But the past is dead and gone
Existing only as memory
To a future still in development


Dying in the Present

What was his heart thinking
when it fell for hers
2 kids from opposing area codes
Clearly it was never meant to last
And now that its over
All he can do is dream
Of a time long passed by
In a purple clouded time machine
Living in the past


The thunders spoke to me in sonar
Booming n crackling
Pounding n plucking

They forced my sol to cypher
Higher and higher
Till i lost consciousness
In effect regaining consciousness
But on a higher plateau
Where gravity is nonexistent
Hues bleeding together 
And time becomes transfixed
When i returned home
Nothing seemed the same
 Because i had changed
Once again in tune with the brothers of balance
Who share a space in my room

Motel Lust

I feel the most at home
In unfamiliar places
Walking through corridors of beige
Electric candles
Illuminating future paces
The rhythmic sounds of “tip tap” bouncing off rectangular spaces
Is when I feel most at home
The breeze tugs at me through narrow spaces while animals disappear behind rectangular cages
Just in time to die a little


Hush little babe

Now fall to sleep

And rise in an alternative plane

Where the surface looks the same

The people sound the same

But the clocks spin in reverse

And their memories don’t match your own

A refugee in this strange land

You’d do best to blend in

Fore if the others learn your secret

They’ll side against you

Study you silently and box you up

So hush little babe

And rise

Before you forget

How to sleep