A woman passed me by
(Or was it an angel?)
Taking a seat behind me
Southbound, Marta train
i kept glancing back
Her face
So familiar
A sister lost
In an historical haze
i shoved the notion aside
That it could be her
This was a clone, close but
Not the original
(Although that septum kiddo
This person looked much too young
Couldn’t get the woman out of my head
(Or was it an angel?)


Portal Eyes

Woman on a train
Headed to airport station
Her blazing blonde hair
Lit up the monochrome atmosphere
Bright crystal blue eyes
Seemed to open up a portal
As she stared in my direction
Sneaking a peek at her own reflection
Mirrored by my eyes

Little Does She Know

For the first time he saw her with unclouded eyes
Within her iris shone the ripples of her years
Every blemish, bruise, scar on her skin
Spoke of former sins
A corpse that rose from her grave
A fighter
Independent since the day she was DNA
No fathers ever bothered to scorn
Having foresight to know
She was mentally strong
But even pillars have support
And all she needed was a little
Little did she know
She was all that she needed
Little did she know
She was a queen
Rockin a crown carved from halo
Little does she know
She has a guardian hoverin above
And when the soil gets rocky
He offers air support
Little does she know

Golden Dulled to Gray

The earth was golden
Woman created man
Man make machine
Woman nurtured man
Man maintenance machine
Man became independent
Machine becomes self aware
Man betrayed woman; patriarchy
Machine betrays man; machiarchy
Man enslaved woman
Machine enslaves man
The earth is grey
When will we learn from our past mistakes so our successors won’t repeat them in the future?